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Back after a long break

Started by Lellynelly, May 12, 2020, 10:50:35 AM

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Hello all. I used to be an admin on here a few years ago. I have been battling cancer for a couple of years and now after immunotherapy last November I'm recovering and back, probably with a different username - I couldn't remember what it was - and I'm on a different device anyway so ended up re-registering. I hope you are all well? I wonder if any people are still here from 4+ years ago?


Welcome back!  Very very cool that you conquered cancer.  There's like one-tenth the activity here compared with 4+ years ago but it seems as though several of us still posting have been around that long.

God and religion are not conveyances of Truth or Comfort.  They function as instruments of earthly social control.


Welcome! Nice to see an old (new) face. Happy to hear about the recovery too.

Mr. Blackwell

Any relation to Willy Nilly?
At this time the answer is not no. The question is why?


Hi. No never heard of Willy nilly lol. There are a few names I recognise from years ago. Ricky Mooston, Angry Moose, Son of man, Assyrianky, to name a few. They might remember me as Mummy


I love cancer, it keeps every god honest
//what a horrible thing to say
how long after I type amen do I get the money?
I'm lost, if you see me you are lost also
If Jesus believed in himself he wouldn't have been Jewish.