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Rules and Etiquette

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These rules are intended to facilitate the smooth operation of our forum.  Any transgression of these rules will result in moderator intervention of your posts and/or account.  Please see Penalties for a description of how transgressions of these rules will be processed by the moderators.  For the forum's Terms of Service, click here.

R1.  No Threats.  Threats are posted content that implies some direct form of harm to another member.

R2.  No Sock Puppets.  Regular members are only allowed one account each.  Any extra accounts will be banned.

R3.  Member Privacy. Do not post any personal information about another member unless either the information has already been published by that member on this Forum, or you have obtained the member's permission.  Personal information includes (but is not limited to) the contents of Member Group threads and posts, emails, PMs, letters etc., real names, real addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, medical information, employment information, banking or financial details, family history and photographs.

R4.  Compliance With Moderators.  You must modify your posts or profile settings within 24 hours of an Etiquette violation notice.  If for some reason you are unable to modify your post or profile settings, contact a moderator.

R5. Harassment.  Harassment is the deliberate and repeated engaging of another member for reasons unrelated to any recently posted content.
Please see our FAQ for more detailed guidelines on harassment.

R6. Hateful Speech.  Hateful speech is speech that advocates harm against a group of people.


Please be mindful that this forum is for people of all faiths and no faith at all.  Everyone's viewpoints are going to be offensive to someone else so keep a cool head.

All members are expected to follow these guidelines:

E1. Member Conduct.  This forum is intended for thoughtful discussion - not for verbal assault.  Please avoid the need for moderation by refraining from uncivil responses to other members. While the intent of the forum is for civil and thoughtful debate, the onus is on the members to achieve this. The Moderators will step in for the following reasons:
          a) Insults: Derogatory labels or terms used to describe other members of this Forum.  "Your comment is dumb/stupid/idiotic/etc." is allowed, but "You are dumb/stupid/idiotic/etc." is not;
          b) Personally directed profanities or other derogatory comments not covered by a);
          c) Slurs: Labels used to describe group of people that are generally regarded as hateful and/or offensive.
Please see our FAQ for more detailed guidelines on member conduct.

E2. Proper Posting.  
          a) Avoid plagiarizing. If you post content that is not your own work then your post must acknowledge this. You are also encouraged to acknowledge the original author and provide a link to their work whenever possible.
          b) No trolling.  Members should respect the thread topic and post accordingly. Trolling is defined as posting in an inflammatory and off topic manner.  If the reported post is found to be both inflammatory and off topic, it will be moved immediately to a separate section of the forum by a moderator.
          c) No spam.  Spam is defined as the following:
                   i) The repetitive posting, three times or more, of a topic or content anywhere on this Forum.
                   ii) The repetitive posting, three times or more, of links to personal blogs and similar anywhere on this Forum.
                   iii) A post that advertises products unrelated to this Forum or its content.
                   iv) A post that links to a website unrelated to this Forum or its content.
                   v)  The "No s**t" Rule.  Do not flood the boards with inane comments across multiple threads. Also, do not post comments  solely to bump an inactive (no posts in the last 50 days) thread.  Three or more such comments within a 24 hour period is deemed a breach of this. Additional spam posts following moderator instructions will result in additional breaches of this Rule.

          d) Make your points as brief as possible.  If you are composing a long post then please break it up into reasonably sized paragraphs, and avoid making posts using only uppercase letters.

          e) When quoting other member's posts, please only quote the text that is relevant to your reply. Do not quote their entire post unless you are responding to their entire post.  Any alterations made to another member's post when quoting should be followed by a clear indication that the quote has been edited.

          f) Thread titles should be chosen to reflect their intended content and must not contain profanity.  Creating relevant titles for threads simplifies thread identification during searches and also assists with the relocation of misplaced thread topics.  Please use the forum search feature to check for topics of a similar nature before starting a new one. This is particularly relevant to recent news articles.

         g) Be sure your threads and posts comply with each board's description.  

E3. NSFW content.  NSFW means "Not safe/suitable for work".  Simply put, content depicting nudity or sex is NSFW.  

NSFW content is allowed in threads marked NSFW in the title, and must be contained within the hidden spoiler tags.  Links to NSFW content in threads not marked NSFW are acceptable, but links must clearly state that they are NSFW.  If you post an embedded video or movie for display on the forum whose content is NSFW then you must likewise clearly state that the video contains images that are NSFW.  Images that contain profanity are considered NSFW on this forum.  

Content (including links) regarded as pornography is not allowed and will be removed at the discretion of the moderation staff.  Images of a graphic/horrific nature may be linked only, and may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.  

Check out how to add a hidden spoiler here.

E4. Profile Settings.  All customizable member profile elements must conform to our forum rules and etiquette guidelines, and cannot contain profanity. If you use an image in your signature, it must be no larger than 650 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. Animated avatars and member signature images are allowed on this forum provided their animation does not cause unwanted distraction to our members. Your user name and/or avatar should not be chosen so as to be easily mistaken for those of another member.

IMPORTANT: If a moderator asks you to modify your posts and/or your member profile because of blatant, overt and/or serial breaches of any of the above guidelines then you must comply with their instructions within 24 hours.  Non-compliance with a moderator's instructions breaks forum Rule #R4.

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