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Started by Admin, October 21, 2008, 11:19:29 PM

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The following list explains what happens when a member breaks our Forum Rules.

Offence #1 - No Penalty.
Offence #2 - No Penalty.
Offence #3 - Member is restricted to The Corner for 3 days.
Offence #4 - Member is restricted to The Corner for 4 days.
Offence #5 - Member is restricted to The Corner for 5 days.
Offence #6 - Member is restricted to The Corner for 6 days.
Offence #7 and up - Member is restricted to The Corner for 7 days.


Additional factors relating to the calculation of the duration:

  • Offenses older than 60 days will not be used.  See the Penalty Log for a list active offenses.

  • A post containing multiple Rule breaks will be deemed as one single Rule break.

  • The duration is cumulative; for example - if a member commits offenses 1, 2, 3 and 4 in quick succession then they will be restricted to The Corner for a total of 7 days (3 days for the 3rd offense and 4 days for the 4th).

Important: Members who commit multiple rule/etiquette violations in a short time or spam excessively may have their posting ability temporarily restricted as an emergency measure.

Additional Considerations:

Statute of Limitations:   If a post remains unreported for more than 30 days then any Rule break it may contain will be considered "expired" i.e. no action will be taken over any such Rule or Etiquette break.  The effective date of a post will be deemed to be the date of the latest edit.

Parole:  Members restricted to The Corner for longer than 60 days are automatically paroled whenever their current Penalty Log clears. Barring any new Rule breaks during their time in The Corner this clearing process takes 60 days.  A paroled member's remaining Corner time is suspended subject to their continued good behaviour.

If a member breaks one or more Rules while on parole they will return to The Corner until the expiry date of their original Corner time plus any extra days resulting from their new Rule breaks (standard Penalty calculations apply).  During a long sentence (i.e greater than 120 days) restricted members can be eligible for parole more than once.