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Laws of physics broken?

Started by ak.yonathan, January 19, 2023, 11:41:18 AM

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ak.yonathan Well if Creationism is true then Earth (and the universe for that matter) is not operating according to current understandings of physics. 'Breaking physics' as she puts it is just proposing a new theory, that is actually how science progresses. Therefore the 'heat problem' isn't actually a problem at all because it assumes Creationism is using the same laws of physics currently accepted, which of course is a ridiculous assumption. (Now I don't think Creationism is true, just that this objection is not.)

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i watched 6 minutes of this. she doesnt understand creationism.
anytime an atheist says that somebody else is wrong, or has some sort of inferior way of looking at the world, its reasonable to ask on what basis they are making that judgement. if they have no answer, you can disregard what they say -- tom terrific


"Laws" of physics do not "break." They get updated.
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