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Leviticus 18:22

Started by Mr. Blackwell, December 19, 2022, 05:05:59 AM

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Mr. Blackwell

This bible verse is often cited as a reason homosexuality is a sin. However, I disagree with popular opinion. Concidering all the differet interpritations of the bible and understanding that there is a barrier between languages and time. I think the passage is warning against men who pretend or identify as women. The passage is not saying don't be gay. It's saying don't lie about your genetics to the person you are attracted to.

In other words, if you were born with a d**k and still have a d**k. don't dress up like a woman to seduce another man with a d**k. Don't lie about that sort of s**t.

Today it's like. how many d**ks, female or male, do I have to take up the ass to prove I'm not a biggot?

I ask only because I do not like anything whatsoever going in my outhole. And I really don't like sticking my d**k in the out door.
At this time the answer is not no. The question is why?