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Started by kevin, July 26, 2022, 10:51:45 PM

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in the summertime the muddauber wasps stick little pottery structures all over mu house-- in the kitchen, on the clothes hanging up, on the windos. they syuff em full of caterpillars or spiders and then lay an egg.

ive watched them gayhering mud from the edges of puddles before but nebver paid attention to their tracks. here they are

little patches of excavations where the wasp sat herself down and gathered a ball of mud.

not just wasps out either. ladt night a possum came by too

we still have a raccoon every night on the porch. i think shes one of the ones we raised but i cant be sure. i am sure that she loves bananas tho
dare to know.


Swiss lady who raised lions, reunion at zoo
Ironically, the myriad  of "god" beliefs of humanity are proving to be more dangerous than us learning that we are on our own, making the way we treat each other far more important


People think wild animals can't form attachments to humans but clearly they can.
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