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Started by SilviSweetheart, August 10, 2008, 06:01:32 AM

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 In Silvi's absence, and in the interests of legitimate debunking:

First of all,  by artificially inseminated, I took it to mean that they had sperm from a sperm bank (you can take it home sometimes?) for the purposes of getting pregnant, and she was forced to "accept" this sperm into her. 

If her partner was desperate to have a child but sick of miscarriages, and psychotic enough to force Silvi to repeated forced inseminations, then she may have been demented enough to keep trying even though Silvi was diagnosed as infertile.  She may have wanted to put the blame on to Silvi rather than feel guilt for the multiple miscarriages, as I understand it's not unheard of for women to blame themselves or their bodies if they can't carry pregnancies to term.

Often children can suffer repeated abuse without much evidence or without reporting it.  It's an abuse of power that is used to scare or guilt the child into keeping quiet and submissive.  People can slip through the cracks, through the tests, and that makes them look unquestionable, so the child doesn't want to be accused of being a liar.

Then when it came to her relationship, she was already traumatised from abuse, so she wasn't necessarily in the right emotional state to walk out on another abusive relationship, especially if it was all she had ever known.  It's like Stockholm Syndrome.  She seemed to be trying to have a happy family no matter what.

I have heard of people diagnosed as infertile having their "miracle baby".

Abusive partners can shut the rest of the world out using fear, guilt and even actual physical restraint.  Whatever way they do it, Silvi's partner may have made her feel unable to go out into the world, to see friends, to have outside support.  She might have even developed agoraphobia.  In some way she was isolated and not permitted to see a doctor.

Kasumi might just be a regular Japanese name, or it may be a pseudonym she chose to protect her daughter's identity.

I'm just trying to provide her some representation in absentia.


I viewed some of her posts over at ATT as the result of a search. Things just don't add up correctly, to put it mildly.  I can't begin to guess what is truth and what is fiction in her/? posts or what the motivation behind them might be.


Best thing would be to let this thread die.


Quote from: Codswallop on August 24, 2008, 01:58:29 PM
Best thing would be to let this thread die.

If my personal suspicions are correct, I'd go further and avctively put in the trash.
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