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Mixed Content Warnings

Started by Admin Moo, February 01, 2022, 09:32:50 PM

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Admin Moo

I finally got the mixed content warnings to disappear when viewing this site in https.  This means that the previous error where images and menu highlighting would not load in https mode should be resolved.

The site has now been updated to force you to browse it in https mode.  If our site images are still not loading properly, try:Images that don't load properly on old posts are probably from third party websites that are no longer hosting them, so no help there.

Why was this switch necessary?  The short version is that it's more secure and it's the current web standard.  You can read more about it here.

The reason that images were not displaying properly before is that web browsers were flagging our site as insecure due to some content (images, videos, etc.) having http links and others (the pages themselves) having https links.  This is because the original forum was built in the http era and a lot of old post content is from that era.  If we didn't make a full switch, eventually the major browsers may have stopped displaying our site entirely.  But thanks to a software update on our backend, we are now able to convert everything to https and meet the current standard.


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