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Staff Apology to IGI Forum

Started by Admin Kiahanie, August 30, 2021, 03:53:19 PM

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Admin Kiahanie

Valued Members of the IGI forum--

IGI Staff recognizes the uncomfortable position of many Members during the past few years as conversations became increasingly uncivil and moderation ceased. Members left the forum, including one who had filed a sexual harassment report that received no reply, no action except to be automatically binned after two weeks.

That particular incident of malfeasance is inexcusable, should never have happened, and should never happen again.

Unfortunately that was not the only incident of ignored reports. There were at least 16 more. No reports were processed during 2020. This is also inexcusable. While the vast majority of Members remained civil, a very few took advantage of the lack of moderation. While they remain accountable for their behavior, we need to point out their behavior was enabled by our institutional failure. They are not responsible for our neglect, only for their own actions. We, on the other hand, are responsible for the conditions that allowed their excesses.

Four years ago Mooby internally announced to the Staff his intent to resign as owner and turn IGI over to someone else. There were no takers. Mooby stepped back, no one stepped up. The forum went into decline. Valued Members left and the Staff basically evaporated. It got really bad.

In May, Kiahanie informed remaining Staff that he would be filing R3-Privacy and R5-Harassment reports against Inertialmass and would put on his Moderator Hat to help with the processing. Moderator 14 (not necessarily Kiahanie) had the full support of Administration at all times. This should have been made clear earlier.

Staff wishes there were a way to adequately express our appreciation to  all those who remained civil, disciplined, and moderated themselves. That would be a model to work toward. We will need forums in the future where we can honestly and freely and civilly explain our positions and differences, hopefully with the intent of discovery rather than browbeating.

In the meantime, Staff needs to review our moderation structure to ensure that as long as there is IGI, there will be effective moderation. Your participation in this project, as it develops,  will be important to our community's success.

Owner & Admin, Dexter
Admin & Moderator 09, Mooby
Admin & Moderator 14, Kiahanie

Mr. Blackwell

Thank you. Maybe now we can start living up to IGI's mission statement.

IGI aims to be:

A listening place where people can express themselves to those who feel or believe differently.

A supportive place for those who are in a minority or excluded because of their beliefs, or lack of them.

An illustrating place where people can showcase the richness and depth of their own traditions.

A free and open place where people with strong beliefs can express them, and get honest responses.

A diverse and inclusive place where no single viewpoint shuts out opposition, but instead there exists a recognition of everyone's common humanity, and the value that differing backgrounds and experiences can bring to a discussion.

A challenging place where people who are very sure of their version of the truth and don't think it's worth it to listen to others can come and speak their piece, and those who believe that understanding and valuing of difference is important can find ways to live that belief out in the face of genuine opposition.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: a caring place, where the "valued member" we place below each person's name represents how they're actually treated.
At this time the answer is not no. The question is why?


Yeah it's a shame that things escalated the way they did but at the same time it showed us what not to do. So it was a learning experience as well.

I know though that banning is the last thing the mods want to do so hopefully the remaining members and the new ones practice more patience and self-disciple so it's easy for everybody and we can all just talk about stuff we care about or find interesting.


you all did fine

dont worry so much about it
dare to know.


I like this place now. Hostility isn't really for me. I can get that in real life, I don't need it with typed words. I mean I have made fun of liberals but......Oops. 
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