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revelation 2

Started by Susan, November 15, 2019, 06:51:45 PM

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I finally get it now: the Euthyphro dilemma.  This dilemma states that "if moral authority must come from the gods it does not have to be good, and if moral authority must be good it does not have to come from the gods"  I struggled a long time with the notion regarding whether something is good because it comes from God.  And the recent incidents and feelings show that this is clearly not the case.  Now I understand why I had a fear of retribution from God because I believed all things - bad or good - came from God.  I think this kind of belief would excuse all sorts of abuses in the church (child marriages, violence against women, antiquated notions of women, etc.).  This being doesn't even let me exercise my civil liberty because of this reason - "I am God so whatever I say goes..."   I finally realize that this is no longer the case and that I can exercise my free will and rights!!