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New Mods!

Started by Moderator 09, May 09, 2014, 04:13:02 PM

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Moderator 09

Three new mods have joined the IGI staff:

  • maritime - Moderator 11
  • Case - Moderator 12
  • Garja - Moderator 14

||applause|| ||you rock||

You can see the current staff list here.


I'm not signing anything without consulting my lawyer.

Gnu Ordure


Thanks, guys.  ||tip hat||


i think spreading the responsibility around over time is excellent.

perhaps term limits might be an appropriate innovation.
dare to know.

Mr. Blackwell

Three excellent choices! Good luck fellas!  ||beerchug||
At this time the answer is not no. The question is why?


Thanks in advance for all your hard work, you three!   ||applause|| ||bounce|| ||twist|| ||clap||
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