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Mr. Blackwell Is Resigning From Moderator

Started by Moderator 09, January 20, 2014, 12:48:25 AM

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Moderator 09

Thanks for all your hard work, buddy!  You will be missed!  ||tip hat||



Just don't resign from the forum.

+1 for all your hard work, Mr. Blackwell.

and now, it's Miller Time.   ||beerchug||
"I think, indeed, that the goodness of God, through His Christ, may recall all His creatures to one end."

Gnu Ordure

You don't pay them enough, Mooby.

But yeah, thanks to MrB et al for keeping the show on the road.

Especially al.



I am me, if you dont like it, tough luck!


It's a tough job. I did it for what seemed like forever.
"Brilliant Meat!" +1 (composer)
"Amen Meat." (Former Believer)
"Like Meat said." (Francis)
"Not brilliant, Meat!" — Villanelle
"Damned right Meat." -Kusa


how long after I type amen do I get the money?
I'm lost, if you see me you are lost also
If Jesus believed in himself he wouldn't have been Jewish.

Mr. Blackwell

I nominate Whatever to take over the vacancy.
At this time the answer is not no. The question is why?


Too late Mr B. I already nominated whatever.  :O
I am me, if you dont like it, tough luck!


anytime an atheist says that somebody else is wrong, or has some sort of inferior way of looking at the world, its reasonable to ask on what basis they are making that judgement. if they have no answer, you can disregard what they say -- tom terrific


Mr B, everyone owes you a sincere thanks for putting your shoulder to the wheel, especially given the environment that existed when you first started moderating.

Sincerely, thanks for your effort.

Unfettered now, what have we done!!! :D
Ignoring composer and wilson is key to understanding the ontological unity of the material world.


Thanks for all your help and input Mr B. I'll miss you in Mod Box.
I'm not signing anything without consulting my lawyer.

Mr. Blackwell

Thank you everyone for your kind words. It has been fun and I have enjoyed being a part of the team. I wish I could have done more and also, I sincerely apologize if I stepped on anyone's toes and for leaving on such short notice.

Thank you for letting me play in the game.  ||tip hat||

+1's for everyone!  ||beerchug||
At this time the answer is not no. The question is why?


You've been zapped