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Started by none, December 07, 2012, 02:32:20 AM

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As usual... during one of my love making sessions with the misses...
I just throw this out there...
If homosexual persons in committed relationships want to have children they should first ask their parents to have children for them..
I think it would work for the best using parents for this purpose as they have already created children before and it wouldn't be that much of a burden for them to do it again especially for the ones they love...
What say you?
how long after I type amen do I get the money?
I'm lost, if you see me you are lost also
If Jesus believed in himself he wouldn't have been Jewish.


You would be raising your siblings as children then, would you not?  I like the idea of surrogacy for same sex couples, but there are so many options out there that are just as good: adoption; if female, artificial insemination; if male, donating your sperm to a surrogate mother; become foster parents and (potentially) adopt a foster child.  Many options available, and, if the couple feels that having their own biological parents become surrogate parents for their children, that'd be okay (assuming no incest occurs, because of genetic reasons).