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Toxemia: A Poem by James

Started by Jamestr, August 23, 2012, 05:54:51 PM

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This isn't about my beliefs, but it is a testimonial, so I put it here.


Outside, the light is crumbling,
and birds are carrying
the crumbs away.

What meager scraps
of sun remain, vagrants
are stuffing inside their overcoats.

After seven sleepless weeks,
she's swallowed all the darkness
she can hold. Fear lays low,

a lizard crawling along the shadowy curves
of our conversation. It's quick tongue
flames out just long enough to taste

the poison in the blood. Razor shards
of her mind flash like silvered glass
beneath the kitchen's humming fluorescent lights.

Her skull-socket stare drills into me
like headlights into a deer's
doomed eyes. Banned from dreams,

she watches death claw its way through
to the waking world. "Are you afraid of me?"
she asks, insane, almost smiling. "No,"

I lie. And she knows it.

--James Riemermann

Read back story here.


Very moving James. Thank you very much for sharing that.
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow?


moderators: that means it hurts me to read it. it stirred emotions of hurt.
how long after I type amen do I get the money?
I'm lost, if you see me you are lost also
If Jesus believed in himself he wouldn't have been Jewish.



Painful. My thoughts are with you.
I'm not signing anything without consulting my lawyer.

Woodrow LI

James after reading your poem,  The link below it you provided and knowing the reason you had to come to Valley City.

I find your poem to be unbelievably profound.  You have poured your heart into it.

I will only say you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a good man.