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Leo Igwe, Nigerian Free Thinker and Activist to visit forum starting April 2

Started by Former Believer, March 27, 2012, 06:55:07 PM

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Former Believer

Leo Igwe, the former Western and Southern African Representative to the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) will be answering questions in a special guest thread starting on Monday, April 2.  Here is a brief bio about Leo:

Leo Igwe was the Western and Southern African representative to IHEU, the International Humanist and Ethical Union. He has bravely worked to end a variety of human rights violations, including anti-gay hate, sorcery, witchcraft, ritual killing, human sacrifice, ?untouchability?, caste discrimination, ?child witch? superstition, and anti-blasphemy laws. He is presently enrolled in a three year research programme on ?Witchcraft accusations in Africa? at the University of Bayreuth, in Germany.

Additionally, some interesting background information about Igwe and this thinking is included here:

Let's look forward to getting Leo's perspective on humanism, superstition, and religion in Nigeria and his efforts to make a difference through education.

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Don't sacrifice your mind at the altar of belief


Thanks FB for getting another guest for us! Hope we get some good questions and participation.
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My pleasure, Cat and Airy.  And, my thanks to Leo for agreeing to visit. 
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Well done FB. +1 to you Sir. I look forward to Leo's contributions to IGI.


And thanks for the info in THIS THREAD. It was a very interesting read.
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My pleasure, Hemingway.

And yeah, you're right about that being interesting.  Interesting because we have the "kindler and gentler version" of religion and superstition in America and Europe, at least for the most part.  The feel I got from reading the thread about Leo was that Nigeria takes the scary parts of religion and superstition to the next level.  I take that takes it multiple levels up.

To have a significant portion of the population believe that children can be witches and to go around trying to harm those children as a result...that stuff is really, really scary and really, really pathetic.  Or the female genital mutilation.

You know, in his book "Why I Became an Atheist", John W. Loftus discusses the superstitious world of the Bible.  Basically he says that people didn't think like we think nowadays and that their belief in magic was responsible for the creation and spread of the stories in the Bible.  Looking at the description of the some of the beliefs that many Nigerians have sort of helps me contextualize the forces that created and shaped religion to begin with.  Superstitious people who lack critical thinking skills who believe stories told to them by others, circumstantial evidence, etc...and then make life choices for themselves and others based on nonsense.
Don't sacrifice your mind at the altar of belief


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