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Debate board etiquette

Started by Moderator 07, February 26, 2012, 07:18:05 PM

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Moderator 07

This board is for debates only.  Please do not post in a debate thread, unless you are a participant.

Anyone can request that another member debates them on a topic, but please do not set up a thread unless you have prior agreement with your debate partner.  Once you have agreement, you should also create a new thread in the Commentary board, so members can chat about the progress of your debate.

Moderator 09

We will now be using an automated script to move posts accidentally made in debate threads to the Boneyard.  This will be accompanied by a message directing the member to the Commentary board for further discussion of the debate.

Members who would like to bookmark debate threads can still do so by using the "Notify" button at the top right of the thread.  This will allow you to receive notifications per the settings on the Notifications page in your profile.

The OP of the debate thread is automatically allowed to post in the thread.  Other debate participants need to be tagged to post there.  To do this, simply type that member's name anywhere in the subject and/or post of the first message of the debate thread.  Just make sure that the tagged name matches the member's name exactly as it appears on their posts.  For example, "Moderator 09" will tag this account, while "Mod 09" will not.

If you are a debate participant and your post is moved by accident, please check the first post of the debate thread to make sure your name is tagged in the first post and looks exactly the same as your display name.  If it does not, please ask the thread owner to edit the post to tag you properly.  This will prevent your future posts from being deleted.  You can then either repaste your post contents or ask a staff member to restore the original post.  If it looks like you are tagged properly and you still cannot post, please message a staff member for assistance.

If you would like to give us any feedback on this feature, please let us know on the Feedback board.

Thank you,
Moderator 09