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Advertising our private member groups

Started by Assyriankey, January 31, 2009, 10:51:59 AM

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Should we advertise or otherwise list, possibly in a sticky thread in this board, our private member groups?

And if we do somehow list them should we also list their membership?
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Sounds like a good idea to me. Are you also going to include a discription of what the group is or a link to the sign-up thread?


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I agree with Auz. It would be nice to see the list, I think it gives additional information about the community here. Their interests and such..

Not sure if the members of each group needs to be put out there, but why not? what could it hurt to see the members of each group?
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I think a description of what the groups are would help
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My personal preference is to list everything: the name, its description and its members.
Ignoring composer and wilson is key to understanding the ontological unity of the material world.


Well, I suppose if each group has 12+ members, it would be a bit of a space issue, but otherwise I think it's fine... it's hardly confidential information.
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I realize there is no rule or etiquette about exhibitionism, but wouldn't it be better to keep private members private?
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