Welcome! Is God Imaginary? is a community of believers from various religious and non-religious traditions, as well as former believers, agnostics, and atheists. If your religious or cultural background or beliefs about God are different from those around you, this might be just the place for you.

IGI aims to be:

  • A listening place where people can express themselves to those who feel or believe differently.
  • A supportive place for those who are in a minority or excluded because of their beliefs, or lack of them.
  • An illustrating place where people can showcase the richness and depth of their own traditions.
  • A free and open place where people with strong beliefs can express them, and get honest responses.
  • A diverse and inclusive place where no single viewpoint shuts out opposition, but instead there exists a recognition of everyone's common humanity, and the value that differing backgrounds and experiences can bring to a discussion.
  • A challenging place where people who are very sure of their version of the truth and don't think it's worth it to listen to others can come and speak their piece, and those who believe that understanding and valuing of difference is important can find ways to live that belief out in the face of genuine opposition.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly: a caring place, where the "valued member" we place below each person's name represents how they're actually treated.

Making a place with that many conflicting goals workable can be challenging. The way we've managed to pull it off (mostly... but for several years now!) is by building a fun and caring community that all of our members can feel a part of, regardless of the beliefs they came here with. Please register and post in the Introduce Yourself board, and we'll welcome you and show you the ropes.



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